About us

We are marine biologists, technical divers, nature enthusiasts or even all of that together! But we are all passionate about at least two things: the Oceans and their conservation. And of course, exploration... We believe that having a better knowledge and understanding of our environment is a key element for a better preservation of the biodiversity. Despite covering more than 70% of our Blue Planet, the vast majority of our oceans is unexplored. Especially the deeper part of the reefs, lying beneath 30 meters. This is indeed a depth limit for most of scuba divers worldwide.


Our objective with UNSEEN is to use technical diving, particularly Close Circuit Rebreathers, to unlock the access to these deep habitats. We can explore and bring new light on those poorly studied, yet crucial ecosystems, at depth ranging between 40 and 100+ meters. Accessing those depth is not an easy task and collaboration is essential. That is why UNSEEN collaborate with any research institution, any organisation or any individual worldwide to develop and accomplish those challenging projects.

We are convinced that improving our knowledge about this Twilight Zone is decisive in a context of global changes and increasing human pressure, notably in the shallow waters. It can help developing new and more efficient conservation plans.

As deep divers, we are the privileged witnesses of thriving life in an underwater world, more extreme and unknown to most of the people. Scientists included. We want to help conservation efforts and share our experiences.

Wider diffusion can lead to major changes in human behaviour. When people are able to see natural wonders, they will be more likely to feel connected to them and protect them. Images are a powerful tool to tell a story and educate. And education is decisive for conservation. That is why, alongside our deep scientific exploration projects, we use photos and videos brought back from the depth to raise public awareness on the state and fate of our Oceans and also to initiate sustainable changes in our daily behaviours.

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